Our control over the entire logistics chain results in Minimal Delays, Highest Efficiency, Improved Reliability We have pioneered the concept of demurrage / despatch guarantees in barging operations in India


  • Multi port midstream lighterage operations
  • Handling of Geared & Gearless vessels
  • Flexible to all cargo types
  • Integrating land – sea – rail logistics
  • Efficient
  • Operates on self owned Infrastructure

The Advantages we Offer

  • Convenience of one point of contact for all logistics needs at competitive prices

  • Operating efficiencies derived from years of experience in all facets of logistics including  transport, warehousing, distribution, clearing, barging, stevedoring & ship chartering
  • Self owned offshore & onshore handling equipment
  • Largest barge fleet in India
  • Exclusive user of few jetties & operation at other minor ports and berths
  • We offer highest load & discharge rates in the business
  • Control over entire logistics chain